Vista Pop


Vista Pop is the production company of James Christenson.

Working with an ever growing group of cinematographers, editors, sound editors, musicians, producers, and directors based worldwide, Vista Pop turns visions into moving stories that persuade and provoke, educate and inspire. 

You’ve seen our work in the New York Times and the Atlantic. At BAM and HotDocs. Even at humbler places like Fargo’s Plains Art Museum and Barcelona’s best in indie film Americana Film Festival.

We chose motion pictures because it’s a primal medium – our brains are innately wired to receive its messages. Nobody needs to learn how to watch a movie. But it takes a professional to produce an effective one.

Whether you’re a brand manager, a politician on fire, an exec editor, or a sales agent, Vista Pop can bring your vision to screen.

Vista Pop is a band of American filmmakers that creates work for any screen.

It's a wrap on location in Volland, Kansas. 2016.

It's a wrap on location in Volland, Kansas. 2016.



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Vista Pop is a research and relationship driven production company led by James Christenson.

Our motion pictures have landed on the front page of the New York Times and the Atlantic. BAM, Barcelona's Americana, HotDocs, and the Walker Art Center Cinema have screened them. We've also produced branded content about the future of the cloud and energy consumption, three-dimensional mapping for joint task forces operating in complex urban security environments, and first-person stories about the trials of youth refugees in America.

Our network of DPs, editors and mixers, composers and writers has worked with brand managers, elected officials, film auteurs, TV directors and journalists, each operating in the new media environment, to deliver from concept to press coverage sophisticated motion pictures. 

vis·ta pop. Big vision. Popular aesthetic.