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Local Motives



Our Approach

Vista Pop, a team of visual storytellers. For us, films are visions. Visions that persuade and provoke, educate and inspire. Film accomplishes these goals like no other medium because it’s a primal medium – our brains are innately wired to receive its messages. Nobody needs to learn how to watch a video. But it takes a professional to produce an effective one.

We visually express business ventures, causes and ideas for clients so that they succeed in the marketplace and digital space. We craft films for commercial brands, entrepreneurs, law firms, political causes, and artists. Catch us off hours and we'll talk about our passion projects.

Vista Pop isn’t a head in the sky. We value responsibility. Logistics and budgeting, compliance and legalities, political and personal sensitivities, these are all aspects of visual storytelling. We manage them seriously.


A Kickstarter co-founder cited our work for the Lynn on Bryant in a public lecture. The StarTribune wrote about it.

Mysterious! Otherworldly! Prefix Magazine premiered James' new music video.

City Pages interviewed James about our Midway Stadium doc.

Aw shucks. MinnPost called the Rice Street Rocker beautiful.

America 2050 dug our first project together, the feature length doc Local Motives. Yep, we know a lot about passenger rail.



  • Office Max
  • GoKart Labs
  • Weseman Law, PLLC
  • Danger Village
  • The Lynn on Bryant
  • MN Sen. Terri Bonoff


  • Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride & Gran Fondo
  • Rising Minds
  • Marino Jones Studios
  • Sylvan Cycles
  • Macalester College


  • All Eyes
  • photocomfort
  • Anthony Tran
  • John Kim
  • Molly Reichert
  • White Light Riot